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26 May 2017





As we prepare to participate in the many Memorial Day activities taking place across this great country of ours, let us be sure and remember what the true meaning of this day is for. It is about our remembrance of the sacrifices that our brother and sister veterans have made to keep our country free of the tyranny, and apparent lack of remembrance of our departed heroes.



This weekend more than any other allows the true guardians of freedom, to have their sacrifice and the sorrow of their families and friends to be expressed and revealed in the reliving of the stories of the courage and sacrifice that they made to ensure that we all could remain free because of the sacrifices of they made for us.



Many veterans still living carry, to this day, deep scars and daily trauma, that they will always carry as long as they are with us. Please, join all of us on this weekend and let them know that the sacrifices they have made will remain with us forever as all true patriots will forever remain "Semper Fi".



Richard D. Gore, Sr.
National Commandant
Marine Corps League






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