Division Vice Commandants

~ Be held accountable to the National Board of Trustees for the care and proper administration of their Division.
~ Arrange for, convene, and supervise not less than one (1) Division Conference each year for the purpose of discussing Division problems, planning and executing means and methods of strengthening and increasing the effectiveness of the Division.
~  Arrange for detailed schools of instruction.
~ Make every continuing effort to establish new detachments and departments within their Division. The National Vice Commandants may institute a PROVISIONAL Department in any State having one or two legally established detachments and appoint a PROVISIONAL Department Commandant and Aides from within those detachment(s), the task of organizing sufficient additional detachment(s) to create a permanent department within one (1) year of the date from the creation of the Provisional Department.
~ Appoint a Division Adjutant/Paymaster and a Division Sergeant-At-Arms, and a Division Aide-de-Camp in each department within their respective divisions, when in the opinion of this officer, such action is necessary to assist in the constructive growth and enhancement of the Division.
~ All National Division and Assistant Vice Commandants handling Division monies shall be bonded. The National Division and Assistant Vice Commandant and the Division Adjutant/Paymaster or Division Paymaster, whichever is applicable, will be covered under a blanket bond, paid for by National Headquarters.

The National Assistant Division Vice Commandant will represent his Division in the absence of the National Division Vice Commandant.
~ Perform additional duties as directed by the National Division Vice Commandant.
~ All authorized expenses of the National Assistant Division Vice Commandant, approved by the National Division Vice Commandant, will be charged against the allocated budgeted amount for that National Division Vice Commandant.

    Raymond L. Dailey

    Central Division
    Michigan ~ Ohio
    Indiana ~ Illinois
    Wisconsin ~ Kentucky



    Mideast Division
    Virginia ~ West Virginia
    North Carolina ~ Delaware
    District of Columbia
    Virgin Islands ~ Puerto Rico
    Saudi Arabia
    United Kingdom


     Michael L. McLain

     Harvey L. Harris

    Midwest Division
    Missouri ~ Iowa
    Kansas ~ Minnesota
    Nebraska ~ North Dakota
    South Dakota



    New England Division
    Maine ~ New Hampshire
    Vermont ~ Massachusetts
    Connecticut ~ Rhode Island



     Warren C. Griffen

    Leanna L. Dietrich. PCDD

    Northeast Division
    New Jersey
    New York



     Northwest Division
    Alaska ~ Washington
    Montana ~ Oregon


       T.J Morgan
     Charles D. Davies

    Rocky Mountain Division
    Colorado ~ Utah
    New Mexico



    Southeast Division
    Alabama ~ Florida
    Georgia ~ South Carolina
    Mississippi ~ Louisiana


     James Hackbarth
     Randall Rigg

    Southern Division


     Southwest Division
    Arizona ~ California
    Nevada ~ Hawaii







     Richard Hoery

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