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“The Marine Corps is deeply concerned about allegations regarding the derogatory online comments and sharing of salacious photographs in a closed website.  This behavior destroys morale, erodes trust, and degrades the individual. The Marine Corps does not condone this sort of behavior, which undermines our core values. As General Neller said in his recent Message to the Force , the Marine Corps’ success in battle depends on trust, mutual respect, and teamwork.  



The Marine Corps takes every allegation of misconduct seriously.  Allegations of misconduct are thoroughly investigated and handled at the appropriate judicial or administrative forum.



By Direction of the National Commandant; No member from the Marine Corps League is authorized to release a press statement concerning this issue; it is an issue that is under Marine Corps investigation and no statement by the MCL membership is authorized.





17 APRIL 2017




       This is an update to keep all appraised of events that have taken place over the past few months as we steadily move into the next phase of our development and progress into the future.


       The National Mid-Winter Conference was held in Fredericksburg,  Va. and I want to state here and now, that is was probably the largest Mid-Winter ever held. There were close to 400 participants present and every venue was well attended and interest remained extremely high throughout the conference. The vendors in the hallway got a lot of play from the attendees and smiles were visible everywhere. The M.O.D.D.had a great growl and a lot of good fun and laughs was in evidence by everyone. The Ladies Auxiliary had a great meeting hall and the speakers they had were interesting, and informative. I am also told that their 'Scratch' was fun also.


       The food that was served at the hospitality suite was good and plentiful and i did not hear of anyone who was hungry or thirsty, so i will assume a great evening was held by everyone. Next year the event is being held at the same venue and another great time will be on tap.


       The new Hq. is in full time mode for all operational functions and everything is getting better and operating with only an occasional problem creating any type of problems, This was expected and as soon as they occur they are tackled and put into proper shape. The only delay we have come into is bringing the new server up on line. It was ordered and then put on delay by the builder. I have been advised by the Exec. Dir. that is is now less than a week away from completion and we should be good to go. (I hope)


       It is also being talked about that Harwick Clothing, who used to do our red blazers , is once again talking about coming back aboard with the blazers in the same red they had before they stopped making them and we may be able to get back with them servicing us once again. 


       The Board of Trustees is close to interviewing our candidates for our new Exec. Dir. and hopefully make an announcement  on that job by the end of  June or sooner. This will allow for a smooth transition at or before National Convention and allow for a breaking in opportunity to occur.


       This is the time of year when i travel to a lot of Divisions for your conventions and participate in your meetings and swearing in ceremonies so i feel confident i will be seeing you all a lot and spending time answering your questions from you. Please feel free to ask and i will inform you of what i can at the time.




Richard D. Gore, Sr.
National Commandant
Marine Corps League





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