A message from the National Commandant

April 12, 2016




    How many of you went to the Mid-Winter Conference? If you did,I feel quite sure that you enjoyed your time at this event, and if you did not I feel quite sure you missed one of the best conferences ever. A lot of information was passed on in a very short period of time and the training classes on getting into the locator, and various other portions of the MCL website were instructive and informative. It was a precursor to what we anticipate happening at the National Convention in Tulsa, OK. this August. For too long we have talked about having training classes and now we are starting to do something to enhance your ability to join us as we go forward into the future. Welcome this opportunity as it will help us to grow the League and your knowledge of what you may be asked to do in the future at your Detachments.

     I want you all to know that there will be a new recruiting initiative starting up pretty soon that we will be starting up at the request of the CMC General Neller. It is to follow in the footsteps of the "Marine for Life" program, and we will be involving ourselves with working with active duty Marines to help them transition into the civilian world after discharge. Junior Vice Tobin has all the info on this program and is rolling it out as he visits Division Conferences, and the Division Vices have been prepped as to how it will be implemented, and the importance of it to the League as well as the Corps. Hopefully it will be instrumental in building up our membership.

      Every Detachment should make an attempt to send yearbooks (americanism books) in with your delegates to National Convention so you can be judged by the Americanism Committee and possibly win an award. Also remember to send in copies of your newsletters so that they may also be judged by the Newspaper Committee and possibly win an award.

      Most important of all, if you have not already made reservations for National Convention, go on the National website and register to participate. The more the merrier and it would be great to establish a record for attendance. The Department of Oklahoma and the Schwab Detachment are working hard to make this one of the best ever and have the Indian Nation actively in attendance and sharing the heritage of the tribes of that area. It will happen every day and I for one am looking forward to learning a great deal about their culture.

      There is more that I will have to explain at a later date so be sure to check this site often. We are really turning things around and my thanks go out to all who are assisting, and making our League even greater.

       Semper Fi.     

Richard D. Gore, Sr.
National Commandant
Marine Corps League

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